Jessica & Scot's Stout's Island Lodge Wedding

Most photographers have a local venue they frequent. You make good connections with the staff and other couples see your photography from previous weddings you've photographed there. Its a cycle that tends to create momentum. Aria is a local Minneapolis venue I've never photographed for a wedding one of my own couples has booked. But, its one many of my photographer friends have frequented. It can be hard to break into a venue if enough great photographers have worked there. Stout's Island Lodge is a venue I didn't even know existed until a few years ago. After photographing my first wedding there and having that wedding published on Wisconsin Bride's website, I started getting more and more inquiries to go back. In 2017, I took the ferry across Red Cedar Lake and docked at the boat house for 3 separate weddings. I can't think of a better place to call "my most frequented wedding venue." I spent a lot of my childhood fishing, hiking and exploring the Northwoods of WI. I love the area. My Grandmother lives 8 miles from the dock to get to Stout's Island Lodge. It fits me perfectly and feels like home. I love it.

Jessica and Scot wanted a destination wedding for all of their closest friends and family but not the hassle of a destination wedding. There is something great that happens when people travel out of town for a wedding weekend. Whoever commits is usually really excited to get away and when a bunch of people, who are in this sorta mood, get together to support a couple and celebrate with everyone else, its a great recipe for photos. If you are considering moving in this direction for your own wedding, I would highly recommend it. You'll have a blast. 

Here's a collection of photos from Jessica and Scot's gorgeous island wedding. Thanks for the support everyone. I'm so thankful you are following along and spreading the word. I cannot do this without your help.         

Megan & Dane's Juliane James Place Wedding

The very first thing I noticed, after opening my car door, was how unique and magical the light was at Juliane James Place.  The drive wasn't too long and once my assistant and I had a chance to walk around a bit, we both chatted about how refreshing it felt to get out of the city and into the woods for a wedding. Megan and Dane were in good spirits and just wanted to see each other, already! (its the hardest thing on a wedding day!!!) The day felt casual, but significant. It was very quiet at times and filled with laughter and song at others. Every hour that passed seemed like the turning of a page in a brief, but enchanting book. Company and family were enjoying themselves and we just followed along. What stood out most to me was how many people helped pull the day off and how much everyone enjoyed the wedding. Its how it should be, but isn't always the case. This was a good one and I'm humbled to have been there.    

Laura & Tate's Silverwood Park Minneapolis Wedding

Laura and Tate had a beautiful Spring wedding in North Minneapolis. I'm finally getting around to posting it...years later. One of my favorite shots was a somewhat blurry film photo from the end of the night. They were dancing together in very dim light and you could sense the night wrapping up. Guests were leaving, but Laura and Tate were dancing. Together. I hope that continues their whole life together.