Erica & Eric. A Hope Glen Farm wedding.

So, I'm just going to say this right away...Erica has literally been my biggest fan since our initial email. Its every wedding photographers dream to be considered the best photographer out there by clients. Erica was so excited to work with me, she convinced her sister (who was getting married the same year!) to have me be her photographer as well. So, naturally...I will follow up this post with Erica's sisters wedding :) This wedding, though. Yah, there was rain. Yah, plans had to change a bit. The wedding rocked. People had a blast. Memories were made and in the end, an amazing couple shared vows and celebrated their new life together. What a high privilege to witness such things. Thank you Erica and Eric. I don't deserve clients and friends like you. Thanks to my friend, Josiah, for helping on tons of weddings over the past two years. 

A reminder for those checking out my blog these days that I'm doing something different this year. For me, memories tend to surface in my mind in a random, sporadic manner. When I think back on weddings, certain images I captured help me remember the day. I'm trying to post in a non-linear way in attempts to reproduce this sort of flashback. There is definitely a story aspect to wedding photography that I love and try to encapsulate through a collection of photos, but everyone seems to blog this way and why not try something different?  

Alright, enjoy looking back through Erica and Eric's day with me and THANK YOU for your support. Let me know what you think about this way of blogging a wedding. Do you like it? Should I stop? Be honest.       

Ellen & Jason's Day Block Event Center Wedding

I'm insanely behind with posting weddings...behind as in, this wedding took place in 2016. But, there are just too many great couples and weddings to not go back and revisit them. Currently, Minneapolis is getting its first dose of snow, but it was looking about as good as it gets for this wedding. A highlight from Ellen and Jason's Day Block Event Center Wedding day was going up on the roof these two and letting them soak in the view and feel their newly exchanged vows with each other, in a more private setting. Being a wedding photographer continues to humble me. Its an absolute privilege to witness love expressed in an event like a wedding. Love for family & friends and ultimately two separate people joining in this great adventure of life. I want 2018 and beyond to be full of couples like Ellen and Jason. Thanks for grabbing coffee with me and inviting me to document a huge day in your life. I'm so very grateful for you both. Hope you enjoy this fragmented post, full of the mundane and not so mundane moments that make up a wedding day.     

Bronte & Andrew's Aster Cafe / River Room Wedding

When I was starting to think photography could actually be "what I do" Bronte was a senior in High School. I still remember making those rad portraits with her. Now she's married and I had the privilege of photographing her wedding. More from this recent, Aster Cafe wedding, coming soon!    

Aster Cafe Wedding-3.jpg