Katie & Owen's Stout's Island Lodge Wedding in Northern, WI.

Its an absolute honor being a wedding photographer. Its one of the best jobs in the world and I'm blown away by the people in front of my camera. Year after year, I'm brought deeper and deeper into a profound appreciation of what I witness and photograph. 

My fear is, my hard drives will crash, the internet will cease to exist, my memory will fade, and there will be no record of weekends like this to look back on. Thankfully, the odds of that happening are slim to none. Thankfully, I'll always have this collection of photographs to look back on and remind me of all that was Katie and Owen's perfect weekend getaway wedding in Northern, WI at Stout's Island Lodge.  

It just doesn't get any better than this. Katie & Owen felt their way through the wedding day. All the different, unique emotions one feels with such a large event taking place and so many close friends and family gathered around you. Its all I could ever ask for.  Yes, the ceremony was rained out. But, during the vows, a gorgeous rainbow appeared and the sun broke as I followed Katie and Owen down to the waters edge. I'm at a loss for words at this point. So, go ahead and check out the photos!    

Jenna & Alex. An Edgewood Farm Wedding

As mentioned in my previous post, Jenna & Erica are sisters and they both decided to get married in the same year! Crazy, right?! Imagine being their parents! I had the privilege of photographing both weddings and I can't describe how humbling and exciting this was for me. I really enjoyed seeing some guests and family twice in one season. Each wedding unfolded uniquely and each made its own impact on me, personally. The only similarity was probably the height of the brides. They are both the tallest brides I've ever photographed! Pretty sure I will never forget these two weddings. Here's a look into a bunch of random photos from Jenna and Alex's wedding. Keep scrolling below to see her sisters wedding. I'm currently booking weddings for 2018/19 and still have plenty of openings if you or someone you know is tying the knot. Thanks for the support, everyone. I can't do this amazing job without you.      

Erica & Eric. A Hope Glen Farm wedding.

So, I'm just going to say this right away...Erica has literally been my biggest fan since our initial email. Its every wedding photographers dream to be considered the best photographer out there by clients. Erica was so excited to work with me, she convinced her sister (who was getting married the same year!) to have me be her photographer as well. So, naturally...I will follow up this post with Erica's sisters wedding :) This wedding, though. Yah, there was rain. Yah, plans had to change a bit. The wedding rocked. People had a blast. Memories were made and in the end, an amazing couple shared vows and celebrated their new life together. What a high privilege to witness such things. Thank you Erica and Eric. I don't deserve clients and friends like you. Thanks to my friend, Josiah, for helping on tons of weddings over the past two years. 

A reminder for those checking out my blog these days that I'm doing something different this year. For me, memories tend to surface in my mind in a random, sporadic manner. When I think back on weddings, certain images I captured help me remember the day. I'm trying to post in a non-linear way in attempts to reproduce this sort of flashback. There is definitely a story aspect to wedding photography that I love and try to encapsulate through a collection of photos, but everyone seems to blog this way and why not try something different?  

Alright, enjoy looking back through Erica and Eric's day with me and THANK YOU for your support. Let me know what you think about this way of blogging a wedding. Do you like it? Should I stop? Be honest.