Minneapolis Winter Engagement Session with Maria & Ryan.

With a blizzard approaching, we decided to simply hang out in Ryan and Maria’s home in North Minneapolis. The light and mood a home creates is very inspiring and I wish more couples would embrace it! After a little while, we got adventurous and drove to Interstate State Park, spur of the moment. Thankfully, we made it back just in time to grab a few photos outside, as the sun began to set and the snow started pouring down. This session felt like three-in-one in a lot of ways and i’m really pleased with the amount of variety in their photos. They did such a great job feeling the anxiousness at first, but pushing through and embracing the experience.

Grant & Sarah's Wedding at The Copper Hen Restaurant

I love restaurant weddings. There’s something about having your closest friends and family gathered in a space, specifically designed for hospitality and fellowship, that translates really well into a wedding. Everyone feels comfortable. I’m so thankful Grant and Sarah invited me to document their wedding at The Copper Hen. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves and letting the day unfold unhindered was a complete inspiration to me. Just look at everyone’s faces that day. I was blown away by the amount of love and support they received and to be caught up in the whole day with them was truly memorable. Congrats Grant & Sarah. I’m so thankful for you both.

Wanna check out another great restaurant wedding? Here’s a link to Jen & Brent’s wedding at Saint Dinette restaurant.

Josiah & Amelia's Farmington Historic Plantation Wedding in Louisville, KY.

I’ll never forget the time Josiah was helping me on a wedding in Chicago and he mentioned this girl he had been talking with, from Louisville, KY. At the time, Josiah was living in Minneapolis and helping me photograph weddings. Amelia was that girl he had been chatting with and she happened to be in Chicago that very same weekend of our wedding. So, as the night wound down, I was like…”You should have her come swing by the wedding.” I mean, at that point they had yet to even see each other face to face. It was the coolest thing to see them sitting at a table, drinks in hand…hanging out as I photographed the dancing and late night happenings at the wedding. Fast forward a couple years and I’m driving down to KY to photograph their wedding. They found a beautiful backdrop for the wedding in the Farmington Historic Plantation in Louisville. With help from friends and family, they transformed the space into a beautiful, intimate experience. The ceremony location was a short walk from the reception, with a lush garden in-between. It was HOT. Then, it poured. It was one of those days where you could feel the atmospheric energy building, knowing it would eventually break. So, they decided to wait out the rain, eventually fitting in a brief ceremony (which included another downpour). Umbrella’s came out. People fled for cover. Josiah and Amelia just stood happily as could be out in the rain. I love this about them. I hope their love for each other proves strong and willing to enjoy life’s downpours. Here’s a small sampling of photo’s from their wedding day. Thanks so much for following along! Your support is humbling and I’m beyond grateful.

Chicago Wedding…meeting face to face for the first time. Just kids back then :)

Chicago Wedding…meeting face to face for the first time. Just kids back then :)