Ben + Sarah / Anniversary

I had the privilege of taking 5 year anniversary photos of Ben and Sarah. Husbands...want to make your wife burst with joy? Find a photographer and have some romantic photos taken of you and your wife. Trust me, they will love it and you will love looking at photos of your wife's radiant face, because she is so madly in love with you! Anyway, I took some quick family photos at their house. Afterwards, the three of us went to a local park and had time for a few fun photos, then I let Ben and Sarah open up a suitcase full of stuff from their wedding. They read vows and talked about how fast 5 years had gone bye. I had a blast capturing this time and I hope they look back at these photos and think of their first 5 years. Oh, did I mention Ben is my younger Bro? I am so thankful they let me document this...I love them so much!!