Tim + Ashley's Wedding / Backyard Ceremony / Honey / N.E. Minneapolis

I met Tim a few years back in a small group leaders training course at our local church. The group was roughly 10 people and we were the youngest. After the course was finished, I learned he was in a local band, called ZOO ANIMAL (Tim will never broadcast that he is in a sweet local band...humility or really poor marketing?).  I went to a show and was hooked. This began my obsession with all things ZA.  Later, when I found out Tim was engaged to this girl named Ashley, I knew I had to do everything in my ability to be a part of their wedding.  I ended up splitting duties with a good friend from church.  Sharing the photographic responsibilities for a wedding can be such a blessing.  Personally, I think it's a lot easier to enjoy the day and interact with people. I loved it. Tim and Ashley met near the Stone Arch Bridge, in Minneapolis. The Wedding Party had some time to hang out at Aster and soon, we were off to a small, backyard ceremony.  Afterwards, everyone headed to Honey, in North Minneapolis, for some appetizers, amazing Thai food and dancing.  Honey was one of the more challenging venues (black walls and ceiling) I've been in, but such a cool atmosphere.  Thanks so much T+A for letting me be a part of your amazing wedding!  Hope you enjoy the pics...it's so hard trimming these down for a blog post!  There were so many great moments!  -R