Winter / South Minneapolis, MN

Yesterday, I was hit really hard with the flu and basically spent the entire day/night in bed.  The night before, I had made an extensive "to-do" list and talked with my wife about how I needed to be in the office working on a bunch of photography and art stuff. I dont have nearly as much time as I'd like, for creative pursuits, so when I do have free time and I'm sick...well, lets just say I'm usually not a fun person to be around. I experienced a lot of mixed emotions while laying in bed, but by God's grace, I was mainly at peace. I bundled up this morning and made it outside for an hour and walked around a park near our home. There is such an appreciation for fresh, brisk air and a new sunrise after a day spent sick in bed. Here's what I saw this morning.

Nikon D700 w/ 35 2D & 85 1.4D