Jon + Senate's Wedding / Mill City Museum / Minneapolis, MN

I'll always remember a conversation I had with Senate about her wedding and why she wanted a venue along the Mississippi River. Jon is from Minnesota, but Senate is from Louisiana. The Mississippi Rivers' headwaters are Northern Minnesota and the river eventually makes its way south to Louisiana. In a way, connecting Jon and Senate. How cool is that? I love when couples choose venues based on something significant or meaningful to them. Jon was a close friend and fellow track captain in High School. The Military took him around the world, where he eventually met and fell in love with Senate. I was extremely humbled and delighted to photograph this wedding. Here's what I saw.22a2b3456101113141516171819222323a23b24262829303133343536373939a404142434445464749505152535454a54b



Equipment : D700's / 24 1.4G / 50 1.4G / 85 1.4D / 17-35 2.8D / SB-900's / pocketwizards