David + Carly's Wedding / No Doberman's Allowed.

Remember David and Carly's engagement photos? Well, I'll always remember them for two main reasons. (a) I called David, "Andy" at least 4 times and they never corrected me. When I got home and realized what I had done I felt HORRIBLE. (b) I knew they were bringing a dog, but for some reason I pictured a cute little lap dog. I have no idea why, I just did. Then Bauer stepped out of the car. Bauer is a Doberman. About as opposite of a lap dog as you can get! Thankfully, he was super nice. Carly and David were such a great, layed back, happy couple on their wedding day. Just the way any photographer would want it. It was such a joy spending the day with them and I'm super pumped for their future together. thanks guys! 12David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 022345678David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 093David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 096David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 097David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 176David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 273David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 278David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 279David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 280David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 336David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 339David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 340David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 344David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 345David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 346David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 353David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 355David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 359David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 360David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 426David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 431David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 445David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 449David+Carly's_Wedding_8.2014 460Untitled-7Untitled-7aUntitled-8Untitled-9