Tim + Kathy's Wedding / Camrose Hill Flower Farm / Stillwater, MN

It was a seasonably warm late September day, but absolutely gorgeous. Tim and Kathy looked gorgeous and planned a perfect day for themselves and their guests. Camrose Hill is always a beautiful venue, but looked just breathtaking this day especially as the sun began to slowly fall. I love when couples are able to fully engage with guests and themselves on a wedding day and thats exactly what happened at Tim + Kathy's wedding. As a documentary photographer I almost need this to happen to make great photographs (and knowing there's a dog roaming around strapped with a GoPro to his back!) This gives me the freedom to roam around and observe interactions…all the joys, anxieties and celebrations that happen during a wedding day. This was the last wedding of my 2014 season and was such great one to cap off a great year. Thanks Tim + Kathy! Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me and continued to follow this blog as well. I can't do it without you! Enjoy the holiday season and be on the lookout for my year in review post coming soon!!!11a2345677a88a8b91011121314161719202121a222324252627282930313233343535a3637383940a40b41424343a444545a45aa45b45c464748495050a50b51525354555657585959aa606262a636465666769