Dori Family / St. Paul, MN

I could write a novel about the Dori family. They mean a lot to me for many reasons. I met Roee about 4 years ago, shortly after they moved to MN from New York. I was assisting him on a wedding and brought along more gear than him and I'm sure he was wondering if I even knew how to use it. Fortunately for me, he kept asking me back.  Over the years a great friendship developed. We've photographed 30+ weddings together and experienced both highs and lows together. I've learned so much from him and was blown away when he asked me to photograph his family. His wife is a rockstar designer for IKEA and because of this, the family was moving to Sweden. We spent our time hanging out in their St. Paul home and along the parkway nearby. I dearly miss this fam and I'm so grateful to have this collection of photographs to remind me of them. If you are interested in booking a family portrait session and want more info, check out my new investment section. Winter is a great time to book a session in your home and it might be warm enough to venture outside as well. I'm currently offering 10% off during the months of February and March. Thanks so much for your support!1234567891011121314151617181919a202121a2223a2627282930313233