Alex + Jenna / Midwest Engagement Session

I first heard about Alex and Jenna from her sister, Erica...just scroll down to the previous post to meet Erica and Eric ;) Both sisters are planning weddings for 2016. Crazy, right?! But, so exciting. After Erica and Eric decided to have me photograph their wedding, I wondered if I'd get an email from Jenna. Eventually I did, and they also decided to have me photograph their wedding. By this point, I was somewhat over the moon. I mean, two sisters are planning their weddings in the same year and I'm going to photograph both of them. Its just so rad. I recently got to hang with both couples for their engagement sessions and I'm so pleased with the photos. Jenna and Alex had me come out to their property in the south metro and we pretty much just hung out and let the sun set. Here's a collection of photos from our time together.