Tara LaTour / "Secret Garden" / 2016 dress collection

Sometimes opportunities just fall in your lap and other times you have to work your tail off to get them. Sometimes its a mixture of both. Either way, I've started to notice when you give more of yourself to a dream or pursuit, good things do eventually happen. This isn't some kind of formula or belief system...its just about working hard at something and seeing how it all ends up fitting together. I've lost out on some amazing opportunities to photograph really cool people in epic locations and I've been pretty bummed about it at times. But, other unique and amazing opportunities come along and when they become yours, you have to pour all of yourself into them and then sit back and enjoy the results. If only for a moment. This is me sitting back and enjoying a collection of images I'm proud of. I would be neglecting a friend if I failed to mention Eliesa. She hustles more than anyone else I know and without her, this shoot never would've happened for me.   

Thank you E. 

Now, onto the images and actual shoot. Tara LaTour is a local dress designer I've gotten to know over the last year and change. She does things differently and I love that. She has given me a lot of freedom to go in my own direction and she trusts me with, in my opinion, some pretty big things. If I think about it too much, I kinda freak out. I've put in a lot of hard work over the last 4-5 years, though and I felt ready for a shoot like this. I would not have been ready 3 years ago. Honestly, it feels great to be where I'm at right now. But, I'm thankful I have SO much to learn and get better at. There are always things I wish I would've done differently or would change if I could. This shoot was no different. But, there are some images in this collection I'm pretty stoked about. Thanks so much for your support. I'm really a nobody in a vast sea of mind blowing creatives doing insane work. I appreciate and need you all so much.