Cosgrove Family / Lake Harriet / Minneapolis Family Photography

Ben was a friend from High School and College roommate. He's one of the smartest people I know and his wife is equally super intelligent. Seriously, these two are changing the world when it comes to Biochemistry Engineering or something. But, they are really down to earth and the friendliest out there. Oh, and they have three kids. The two boys are an absolute riot. Here are a couple favorite quotes from our time together...

"My dad has been on a magazine cover." -Ansel. 

"Mommy, can I just put my lips on the straw?" -Bjorn (immediately after being told he wasn't allowed to drink out of the iced tea he was helping carry).

The Cosgrove's added some time to a normal session and that made for a really relaxed, casual experience. We did tons of stuff together, but it just felt like we were hanging out and having fun. No pressure to rush anything. No keeping an eye on the time. Just hanging out...and running after the boys when they'd get too close to the bike path or lake edge. Here's a condensed look into our time together. If you'd like to book a family session, its not too late! Contact me and lets make it happen!