Bethlehem College & Seminary / community over cost

Towards the end of April and into May, I spent a bunch of time observing and documenting student life at Bethlehem College & Seminary. My main purpose was to photograph real student life. What BCS lacks in fancy facilities they make up for with community. I like the phrase community over cost and think it accurately describes my experience on this project. I visited classrooms where students sit round table style, encouraging conversation and interaction. I visited a professors home and ate with all of the sophomore class that's invited for a monthly meal. I studied with seminary students at a local coffee shop, where a lot of other BCS students work, then walked to class with them and was deeply moved as they sang and worshipped in Hebrew. Freshman prayed for one another as the year drew to a close and later we grilled out. I observed studying at the nearby library as heavy construction equipment readies the city for the new Vikings stadium. One morning, a handful of students gathered to pray and worship in housing provided by the school. Afterwards, everyone contributed in helping make a meal we all enjoyed. There were times of teaching, encouragement and worship during chapel and church on Sunday. I chatted with many students from all over the country and world who ended up at BCS because they wanted an education different than the norm. They found this place and experience a closeness and community like no where else. For me, a lot of these images hold more weight because I know about the students themselves and part of their story. I'm really thankful to the faculty and students at BCS who helped on this project and let me photograph some pretty amazing stuff. Much thanks to Matthew Taylor for putting my work in front of the right people and helping me get this job.