Jen & Brent / A Saint Dinette Restaurant Wedding

Every year there are a handful of weddings that stand out. What makes certain weddings stand out to me, is how the couples interacted with each other and if their wedding was uniquely them. Did they have the wedding they wanted or what the industry told them to have? If I know I grabbed some great moments along the way, I get even more excited. Every wedding and couple is unique, though and its a big reason I love being a wedding photographer. Anticipating the unknown going into each day is a feeling that never gets old. Sometimes, after packing up and heading home, I'm beyond excited about what just happened. These two and their wedding were all of the above and more. Wow. I'm just humbled I had the privilege to hang with everyone all day and grab photos of what I saw. Thanks so much, Jen and Brent.      

Venue : Saint Dinette / Assistant : Douglas Bice