Megan & Travis' planned and re-planned Trellis Boat Cruise Wedding

I'm on a roll blogging past weddings so why not keep it up? Megan and Travis had a great wedding. What made it somewhat more interesting was their original plan fell through. They were scheduled to be one of the first couples in a new downtown Stillwater, MN venue, but because of construction delays and miscommunication they were told (with less than a month notice) they would need to find a new venue. CAN YOU IMAGINE? All the planning, invites, rsvp's and general excitement for your wedding, which includes the excitement for the venue you find, because its usually a space that fits with your personality and style. Having to completely start from scratch and find a solution. In the end, you still have a wedding. You are still starting a new life together. Its water under the bridge. But, its a bummer.

I'm thankful Megan and Travis didn't let this affect their actual wedding day and I think the photographs prove it. Here are a bunch of random moments from throughout their day. Thanks so much for viewing. Cheers to plans falling through that make way for something truly beautiful in their place.