Midwest Film Photographer

Jon, Senate, Sammy, James & baby / Midwest Documentary Family Photography

I've had the privilege of photographing the Kalscheuer's A LOT over the years and my excitement only increases each time they contact me. I mean, portrait photography is so much about relationships and the people you are photographing and these folks are THE BEST. Excuse me while I gush right now...when Senate first contacted me she was SUPER chill and trusting and she didn't really even know me. Yah, I had known Jon for a long time (we were track captains together in HS and just good friends) but when a bride hires you for her wedding, engagement and eventually multiple family sessions, its still about trust and that usually takes time to earn. From the get-go, I've been over-the-top supported by this couple and now family and this support has yielded some amazing images. I really can't say "Thank You" enough. Words end up falling short and I only hope the photographs I make will be the greatest thanks...for years to come. Here are some from our time together at Jon's family cabin in Stillwater, MN.   

Tim, Michelle, Finn & Mozer / South Minneapolis Family Photography

Nothing feels more like Summer in Minnesota than getting out of the house, picking strawberries, going for a walk to a nearby park and taking in all the green. Throw in a bit of water and thats a wrap. Loved hanging with this beautiful family and capturing some of what their life looks like right now. Summer is already drawing to a close and I'd love to add a few more sessions like this to the mix...interested? Don't be shy, click on my 'contact' link and lets make it happen!