My wife and I are minutes away from heading down to Rochester, MN where my brother-in-law is about to undergo surgery for colon cancer.  Brandon has been through so much up to this point, including weeks of chemo and radiation treatment. I covet your prayers and support for him right now.  At 5:45 a.m. on Thursday he will head to the Mayo Clinic and begin prep for a surgery that could take half the day or more.  If you are reading this anytime tonight or Thursday please stop and PRAY.  Thanks for all your support. **update on Brandon 12/8 - Surgery was a success and went very well, but now the long road to full recovery has begun.  Please keep praying.  Brandon will be recovering from surgery for 7-10 days and will need another 4 months or so of Chemo therapy.  What a heroic time for Brandon.  By God's help, he has made it thus far, but needs our prayers and support even more now. Keep it up!


we love you Brandon.