2012 Family Sessions


Thank you to all of the families that let me tag along this year. The more time I spend behind a camera the more I desire a minimal impact during family sessions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with all out posed photos and I do some of those, but I dont think my brain and heart work best that way.  Maybe I'm drawn to photograph real moments because of the constant bombardment we receive of fake imagery through t.v./media/you name it. I really don't know, but I find myself moving in a certain direction and thats exciting! I think I can take this direction a lot further, however and I trust God will bring the right people my way that will feel served by this approach.  I am amazed at what God has done over the past 2 years.  I always struggle with my abilities and confidence as an artist, but I am so thankful for the grace extended to me.  You are all a huge part of making this business more of a reality for me. THANK YOU. I feel like I'm living the dream :)

There is no "in season / out of season" for family portraits, especially with my style of trying to document real life happening. If you connect with these photos and want to book a time for me to come observe and hang with you and yours, contact me!  Please, I would love it.  Sessions start at $375 for 1 hour of photography and include all images with your choice of mini-album (these look amazing!) or credit towards a bunch of prints (I think you'll love these, too ).