Minneapolis North Loop Film Family Photography with the McMahon's

The McMahon's wanted a casual, documentary family session in their condo before moving into a new Minneapolis neighborhood. We spent a little over an hour hanging out and doing every day, mundane stuff. I think this was the first session I've ever had with a child less than a year old that didn't include a complete meltdown. Enjoy the pics! Film looks good, huh?! Nothing like it. 

A Northern, WI destination couple's session, with Tuyen & Lindsey.

Tuyen really took charge early on after booking me for the wedding. They were eager to go somewhere inspiring for a relaxing couple's session. After ruling out flying to CO (yes, this almost happened!) we landed on finding a cozy, modern retreat closer to home. Tuyen found the perfect AirBnB destination about 2 hours from Minneapolis. I loved the floor to ceiling windows, minimally furnished spaces and close proximity to a wintery landscape that received 8 inches of snow a few days before the session. The weather was a balmy 40 degrees and sunny. You could say everything just fell into place rather perfectly.

Do you have a desire to make your wedding or couple's session something more than just following industry trends?


You are the one left with the memories and photographs. Set the stage for the memories you want to capture. I promise the more inspired you are, the more inspired those around you will be. Especially those you've hired to help create and document your vision. 

Are you currently engaged or soon to be? I'm still booking some dates for weddings in 2018 & 2019. Reach out and lets chat about your vision and if i'd be a good fit. I cannot do this without amazing couples. 


Katie & Owen's Stout's Island Lodge Wedding in Northern, WI.

Its an absolute honor being a wedding photographer. Its one of the best jobs in the world and I'm blown away by the people in front of my camera. Year after year, I'm brought deeper and deeper into a profound appreciation of what I witness and photograph. 

My fear is, my hard drives will crash, the internet will cease to exist, my memory will fade, and there will be no record of weekends like this to look back on. Thankfully, the odds of that happening are slim to none. Thankfully, I'll always have this collection of photographs to look back on and remind me of all that was Katie and Owen's perfect weekend getaway wedding in Northern, WI at Stout's Island Lodge.  

It just doesn't get any better than this. Katie & Owen felt their way through the wedding day. All the different, unique emotions one feels with such a large event taking place and so many close friends and family gathered around you. Its all I could ever ask for.  Yes, the ceremony was rained out. But, during the vows, a gorgeous rainbow appeared and the sun broke as I followed Katie and Owen down to the waters edge. I'm at a loss for words at this point. So, go ahead and check out the photos!