Minneapolis North Loop Film Family Photography with the McMahon's

The McMahon's wanted a casual, documentary family session in their condo before moving into a new Minneapolis neighborhood. We spent a little over an hour hanging out and doing every day, mundane stuff. I think this was the first session I've ever had with a child less than a year old that didn't include a complete meltdown. Enjoy the pics! Film looks good, huh?! Nothing like it. 

2015 year in review / monochrome edition

Thank you to everyone who put themselves in front of my camera this year and to those who helped behind the scenes. Its strange how every year feels like it just keeps getting better. Or, is it just the connections are going deeper and producing more growth each year? I'm not really sure, but its always frightening thinking of how to keep momentum going from year to year. Its easy during the slow months to feel like everything is coming to a halt and the next year will be worse. But, it has never ended up that way. These year end posts are a great reminder to me, personally, that every year is and will be full. Full of moments and emotion. Full of amazing people and places. Full of Gods sustaining and preparing grace for what lies ahead.   

After going through my sessions, weddings and personal stuff, I decided to split my post into monochrome images and color images (color post to follow soon). I'm not really sure why, but some of it has to do with wanting to give each their own platform. So, I'm going to start with my favorite. There is a timeless aspect to b/w photography, but I tend to love it mostly because it forces me to look beyond the gorgeousness of a sunset and the complexity of color. It forces me to rely on light and composition...and moments become stripped down and less distracting. I also developed over 100 rolls of b/w film this year, at home, and that has given me a sort of affection toward the whole process. So, here's to hours spent mixing chemicals and scanning film with eager expectation. Here's to everyone who opened up their life to my cameras and my desire to document it all.

Thank you.

In this whole world, there is one person I will always see in full color, with all her complexities, brilliance, love and support.

Michelle, I love you.


photo by my friend, Mike.