2012 / Year in Review

Last year, I compiled my first ever "year in review" and felt very satisfied with my work and how the year ended considering it was my first official year of seriously pursuing photography. I wasn't going to post a year in review for 2012 and a bathroom remodel was making that decision easier, but I was convicted one day that I needed to stop putting tile on the wall and take some time to look back and rejoice in what God had done in order to have faith and excitement for 2013 and beyond.  It has been very good looking back. I'm excited looking forward. 2013 (or year 3 as I like to think of it) will be a big year for me as my vision and experience grows and I'm challenged and needing to push through creative walls. I always find myself wondering how I will make different, more unique and powerful paintings and photographs. Looking back helps me see that in the moment, inspiration does come and by working ideas seem to well up. Even when the ideas don't work or take form working is the key. Maybe this is why its so hard for me to sit around wondering. I pray 2013 is full.  I need so much help to get to this point.  Thank you for supporting me. There is an endless supply of amazing artists in our world, and I often feel very insignificant. More importantly, I also greatly rejoice in who God is and what He has accomplished in and through my work. The people He has brought into my life to serve or work alongside and learn from have been such a blessing and I am quickly realizing how important these relationships are. I hope you enjoy looking back at 2012 with me...there were so many other photographs I wanted to include and not enough paintings. -R