Luke + Whitney's Wedding / Northwestern College / Family Vineyard

I loved this wedding for many reasons. There was a beautiful chapel and family owned vineyard, perfect weather, wonderful guests...and tons of love all around. Luke and Whitney were referrals from a couple I photographed last year. There's something very special about your name being passed to another person or couple and getting work this way. It's not saying something through advertising and hoping someone believes or connects with it. There already has been a great connection and that gets passed on to others. There is trust right form the start and that's very freeing as an artist. This was one of those weddings that made me think of my 4 year old daughter and how hard it's going to be giving her away at some point. I love when Dad's pour out their hearts at a wedding and get everyone (including the photographer) in tears. Weddings and the relationships they are about are BIG deals. It's always humbling being a small part of one. I could say tons more, but here are the images. I have plenty of openings for 2014...know of someone who would really appreciate this sort of photography? Thanks everyone!