we went on a road trip...

It's always hard being a photographer and going on vacation. Knowing when to put the camera down and fully engage with family and friends is something I always wrestle with. So much time looking through a lens...its almost awkward putting the camera down. I'm so thankful for a family that is slowly getting used to this and friends who embrace it. This was our first real vacation since the kids have been around. I think I actually forgot how nice vacations are. The kids handled everything like champs and our hosts were amazing.We stayed with our friends, the Darlings. You know, this family. We love them and thank God for the hospitality they showed us. Wow. this trip was amazing. Here are some moments I decided to keep the camera around for. Thanks for the support everyone, its been a blast so far.


Bethany flexing her champion servant muscles. 

                                                                                                 i just woke up / nappy nap face.

                                                      her name is Clementine Darling. no, seriously....it is. look out world.

                                                                  no one spends 5 days in a row with me and isnt forced into a portrait session. all with film. word.

                                                                                                   random dude fishing.

                                                                       Bethany getting her "i can shoot with mamiya + nikon + canon" on. no biggie.

                                  o.k. so i got an official tour of the brewery Aaron works at. this place is for real.

                                  its mainly the people, but good beer does eventually win. also completely with film

Nikon D700 / Mamiya 645 Pro TL / Nikon F100 / Kodak Portra 400 / Fuji 400H / and a few great lenses.