The McLaurin's / A Minneapolis Winter family session

This was the third session I've had with the McLaurin family. This blows me away for many reasons. I'm overwhelmingly grateful I've been given the privilege of documenting them over and over and over again. Watching their family grow and change has been pretty amazing. My own kids are similar in age, so its been a blast to observe similarities and all out differences. I love how Dean and Sarah just roll with whatever happens and seem to laugh at it all. 

Its support like this that makes my heart beat harder in my chest. I never expect clients to continue booking sessions with me because there are SO MANY amazing photographers locally. I think its good to invite different creatives into our lives and let them express what they see. But, I'm obviously extremely thrilled if given another opportunity to create and document the same family. I think the photos get more personal and real because guards drop and my presence becomes part of the norm.

Lets start something together. Invite me into your home this Winter and lets see what happens. I'm willing to bet your family and home has a lot more to offer than you think. Let's create something together you will have the rest of your life. It's really simple.         

Nikon D700 / Holga 120N / Polaroid SX-70 / digital images edited in Lightroom 5 with VSCO / film used : Ilford HP5+ / Impossible Project BW2.0