Ameet / Minneapolis album portrait

I met up with Ameet near St. Anthony Main and we walked around while chatting about his upcoming album, how he ended up in Minneapolis and other random topics that tend to come up when chatting for the first time. After taking a handful of photos, we grabbed a bite to eat and called it a night. Portrait sessions are interesting. I want to really get to know someone, but its also so much about the photos. I'm always after whats real, but its hard to break through the barrier we all put up at times. I think Ameet did a great job of trusting and letting his guard down. I'd love to set up more individual portrait sessions this Winter. Homes and other indoor spaces are SO GREAT to utilize during this time. If you need some updated headshots (did I just say that?) or have a project in mind, contact me. Maybe you simply want to help me create and put yourself in front of a camera. Lets do it! Thanks for following along everyone!