Nass Family / A South Minneapolis Winter family session

I've said this many times, but spending time doing photography in a client's home is one of my favorite experiences. Every space has its own unique light and so much of whats in the space infuses the photographs with substance. True environmental portraiture, allowing the surroundings to help tell a story alongside the people, just feels right to me.

I'm so thankful the Nass family waited until Winter to have me over. Diedra and Jameson are two of the best people on the planet. Diedra helped us deliver our youngest and Jameson helps lead worship at our church. They are helping foster an adorable little girl and love her like one of their own. Upon arrival, I was offered coffee via Chemex, folks. For real.  

Sessions like this remind me of how amazing it is to be living and working as a professional photographer. I don't deserve to have this job. Its definitely full of excitement, pressure, trials, big time highs and crushing lows...BUT, God's kindness is made fresh to me every minute I'm holding a camera. Real people are excited to work with me. That's something I have a hard time believing some days. But, its true and its all grace. Thanks for noticing and keeping me on your list, everyone. I COULD NOT do this without your support. My gratitude is overflowing. THANK YOU. 

Nikon D700, Mamiya 7II, Holga 120N, Polaroid 180 / digital images edited in Lightroom 5 with VSCO / film used : Ilford HP5+ / Fuji 3000b