Flora & Bryan's Wedding / Family Farm / River Falls, WI

I love when couples infuse so much of who they are into a wedding. Flora loves pink, vintage touches and elegance. Bryan loves nature. He spent his whole childhood adventuring on this property and learning about various plants. So, they had a very elegant, nature and pink filled wedding on the family farm and totally pulled it off. They kept the guest list short and sweet and threw one great party. Though it was hot and humid, you can't even tell from the photos. Everyone really enjoyed the day and as the sun set, a cool breeze carried any thought of sweat and stickiness away.

Bryan and Flora contacted me through Rivets and Roses, a wedding studio in NE Minneapolis i'm currently a part of. I'm totally booking weddings on my own, too...but, I really desire to work alongside other amazing photographers and rub shoulders with people I normally wouldn't get a chance to. So, find me. Tell others. Spread the word. I'm currently booking for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and would love to fill up my calendar with whatever you can throw at me. I already have some amazing weddings ahead of me for 2016. Just wait and see. Thanks so much for the support! This job is tons of work, but I love it and its such a collaboration with all of you amazing people.