Melanie / St. Paul, MN / Film Portrait Session

Here's a collection of photographs made with my friend Melanie. We just chilled and had coffee and great conversation in-between making some rad portraits together. Everything took place in her small, but perfect apartment. I know, for most people, its hard being photographed. Any time I'm in front of someones camera I remind myself that my openness, honesty and trust is whats needed to make great portraits. But, thats hard. It's easier to shut ourselves in. It's easier to let insecurity rule and totally stifle creativity. I'm so thankful for Melanie and everyone who lets me and my camera(s) into their world. It's no small thing. Really. It's somewhat heroic. So, lets create something together.    

Camera's : Polaroid 180 / Polaroid SX-70 / Pentax 645 / Mamiya 7II / Holga

Film : Kodak Portra 400 + 800 / Illford HP5+ / Fuji 3000b Instant / Impossible Project b/w 2.0

b/w film developed and scanned at home / color film developed and scanned at Indie Film Lab