The Patenaude Family / proof spur of the moment family sessions totally rock.

Most love the first snowfall of the season. All that is brown and grey and dirty turns a crisp, bright white. Suddenly, everything is transformed into a snow globe sort of world. Well, I often sit inside on these days feeling like a lame photographer who never gets to shoot in such unique conditions. This year, the first snowfall was forecasted and I instantly put a call out on FB for anyone who might want to book a spur of the moment session with me and I'm so grateful Eric and Becca responded with such excitement. I was blown away and reminded of how amazing this job is. This session is a perfect example of why I love photographing families. I love the individual personalities and family dynamics that come out while spending an hour or two with everyone. Often, I leave family sessions desiring even more time with everyone because I want that perfect portrait that represents who each person truly is, but I also love the challenge of creating in a small window of time. So much of our life is made up of smaller events or situations and when combined as a whole, shape who we are and how we live out our lives. We are all changing and heading in some direction. I really like the direction this family is headed and I'm blown away they had me out to document this single hour of their lives. Thanks for the support everyone. I'd love to book more family or portrait sessions this Winter. Don't be afraid of the snow and cold. We can stay inside if you want and it'll be great as you'll soon find out...more posts coming soon.