2016 / Year in Review

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2016 such an inspiring and rewarding year for me and my family. You have been my biggest fans and strongest support. You've left amazing reviews for me and I didn't even have to ask. You have gushed over your photos and brought tears to my eyes. Your transparency in front of a camera is an honor to witness and I'm left searching for words to describe my thankfulness. 

My clients have been amazing and I consider most good friends. Not just amazing, but a breath of fresh air and fuel for my bones. Looking through the tens of thousands of photos from the past year gave me such tremendous satisfaction and happiness. I love how photographing people is such a joint effort. Its humbling and exciting and I felt inspired in 2016. Couples invited me along to some great destinations and mixing in a little travel was extremely rewarding. I shot more film, in various formats, this year than any previous year and was left wanting to use it more. I had an amazing assistant (Josiah) all year, and what a blessing he was during such a busy season. 2016 was full. Maybe too full. But, its exactly what it needed to be and I'm so grateful. 

2016 was also a year of firsts for me, in a way. After 6 years of pursuing this, it was my first complete year being a full time photographer. I must say, it was eye opening how much time I spent not doing photography, even though it was my busiest year to date. It seemed for every hour I was actually behind a camera, I spent 5 behind a computer. I'm still wrestling with how to handle this moving forward, because I was burnt out by the Fall. I'm realizing, in order to continue this as a sole job, I need to change some things and learn how to say no.. This will be really hard for me. Especially when its saying no to some really amazing jobs and people. I don't desire a crazy, rockstar, photography life. I really just want to faithfully document the people who come my way. I want to be around my family more. I want to have time with them and with friends and enjoying other pursuits in my life. To be honest, I haven't fully processed what 2016 meant to me and how to move forward into 2017. We sold a home, moved, and are currently completely remodeling a new one and my attention has been pulled in so many directions already, I'm still feeling a little burnt out from it all. 

To my 2017 clients and future clients who have yet to reach out...Its gonna be an amazing year. I'm beyond excited for you and that you've chosen to invite me into your life. Looking back has helped motivate me for 2017 and beyond and it'll be an absolute honor to document part of your life this year. One frame at a time.