Stouts Island Lodge Wedding

Stouts Island Lodge Wedding with Katy & Jon

The forecast was for rain. I was bummed. Stouts Island Lodge is a destination venue where family and friends travel to enjoy a weekend getaway. Guests swim, kayak, fish, soak up the sun, read while looking out over the lake, enjoy nature, and experience a slowing down and enjoying friends that is hard to replicate anywhere else in the midwest. Rain just gets in the way of enjoying the weekend. BUT, as often does...the weather turned. The wedding day was gorgeous and was only outdone by how amazing Katy and Jon looked together. Everyone involved pulled off the perfect wedding. Below are a collection of random moments and portraits caught throughout the day.

Bookings for 2019 are coming in, but I still have plenty of availability and I'd love to hear from yah! After 7 years, I'm amazed photography has turned into a career and one I love more now than when I started. Thanks so much for all your support. Literally, cannot do this without your help.      

Katie & Owen's Stout's Island Lodge Wedding in Northern, WI.

Its an absolute honor being a wedding photographer. Its one of the best jobs in the world and I'm blown away by the people in front of my camera. Year after year, I'm brought deeper and deeper into a profound appreciation of what I witness and photograph. 

My fear is, my hard drives will crash, the internet will cease to exist, my memory will fade, and there will be no record of weekends like this to look back on. Thankfully, the odds of that happening are slim to none. Thankfully, I'll always have this collection of photographs to look back on and remind me of all that was Katie and Owen's perfect weekend getaway wedding in Northern, WI at Stout's Island Lodge.  

It just doesn't get any better than this. Katie & Owen felt their way through the wedding day. All the different, unique emotions one feels with such a large event taking place and so many close friends and family gathered around you. Its all I could ever ask for.  Yes, the ceremony was rained out. But, during the vows, a gorgeous rainbow appeared and the sun broke as I followed Katie and Owen down to the waters edge. I'm at a loss for words at this point. So, go ahead and check out the photos!    

Amy & Rob's wedding at Stout's Island Lodge in Northern, WI.

I'm doing something different for my journal entries this year. Instead of weddings and shoots being displayed in a linear timeline style, I'm going to drop highlights in random order. Well, not completely random. But, it may appear that way. When I go through a wedding I've photographed, certain moments jump off the screen and bring me back in a way others just don't.  Sometimes its what happened in front of my camera, other times its a moment of inspiration or unique light, etc. Memories of the past usually hit me randomly and out of order, then my mind puts the pieces together and I feel something. I'm hoping to give it a try through these entries this year. Random, often mundane moments, strung together as an abstract collection of records of the past. 

Amy and Rob are amazing. Most of my clients are this way. More interesting, smarter, cooler and better people in general than me. I'm usually left wondering why they hired me? But, I must be doing something right because they keep coming back and keep telling their friends. I'm absolutely blown away. Amy and Rob will go on to do amazing things and travel the world together. They fit. Together. It was a high privilege to spend a weekend with them and witness their love and commitment to each other. I'm just blown away.     

Tons of thanks to my friend, Josiah for helping me with this wedding. A few shots in this post are his.