Laura & Ladd's Campus Club Wedding

There were so many intimate, powerful moments during Laura and Ladd's wedding day. Ladd was in a serious car accident during their relationship and it felt like the gravity of the day and the fragility of life were truly felt. I can't thank the Campus Club enough for letting us out on the roof that night. You can tell by the photos, Laura and Ladd soaked up those moments, watching the sun go down and the photos from that time are some of my favorite of all time. This was a wedding from 2016, and I can't believe I hadn't blogged it. Thanks Laura and Ladd. Your openness and vulnerability with each other in front of the camera was truly inspiring. 

I'm currently taking bookings for 2018 and 2019 and with over 100 weddings under my belt can't imagine stopping. But, I need your help. Do you know someone engaged or soon to be? If they would be served by honest, discrete documentation of their wedding day and relationship,

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