Jessica & Scot's Stout's Island Lodge Wedding

Most photographers have a local venue they frequent. You make good connections with the staff and other couples see your photography from previous weddings you've photographed there. Its a cycle that tends to create momentum. Aria is a local Minneapolis venue I've never photographed for a wedding one of my own couples has booked. But, its one many of my photographer friends have frequented. It can be hard to break into a venue if enough great photographers have worked there. Stout's Island Lodge is a venue I didn't even know existed until a few years ago. After photographing my first wedding there and having that wedding published on Wisconsin Bride's website, I started getting more and more inquiries to go back. In 2017, I took the ferry across Red Cedar Lake and docked at the boat house for 3 separate weddings. I can't think of a better place to call "my most frequented wedding venue." I spent a lot of my childhood fishing, hiking and exploring the Northwoods of WI. I love the area. My Grandmother lives 8 miles from the dock to get to Stout's Island Lodge. It fits me perfectly and feels like home. I love it.

Jessica and Scot wanted a destination wedding for all of their closest friends and family but not the hassle of a destination wedding. There is something great that happens when people travel out of town for a wedding weekend. Whoever commits is usually really excited to get away and when a bunch of people, who are in this sorta mood, get together to support a couple and celebrate with everyone else, its a great recipe for photos. If you are considering moving in this direction for your own wedding, I would highly recommend it. You'll have a blast. 

Here's a collection of photos from Jessica and Scot's gorgeous island wedding. Thanks for the support everyone. I'm so thankful you are following along and spreading the word. I cannot do this without your help.