Megan & Dane's Juliane James Place Wedding

The very first thing I noticed, after opening my car door, was how unique and magical the light was at Juliane James Place.  The drive wasn't too long and once my assistant and I had a chance to walk around a bit, we both chatted about how refreshing it felt to get out of the city and into the woods for a wedding. Megan and Dane were in good spirits and just wanted to see each other, already! (its the hardest thing on a wedding day!!!) The day felt casual, but significant. It was very quiet at times and filled with laughter and song at others. Every hour that passed seemed like the turning of a page in a brief, but enchanting book. Company and family were enjoying themselves and we just followed along. What stood out most to me was how many people helped pull the day off and how much everyone enjoyed the wedding. Its how it should be, but isn't always the case. This was a good one and I'm humbled to have been there.