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Something different. Behind the scenes for Tara LaTour

I usually don't get photos of me working, but after a recent shoot for Tara LaTour, one of her assistants texted me these sweet bts pics and I'm so thankful! Thought I'd show you a side by side of me shooting and the resulting images. One thought I had while looking through these (more bts images to come!)...There's nothing magical about whats going on, necessarily. It's more about how the photographer is seeing light, shape & form and how to capture that. Our eyes are amazingly complex, but film doesn't behave the same way. Thinking the way your film or camera thinks and how they will react to the light is more the excitement and challenge. Thanks for sticking with me all these years. 2016 has proven to be as crazy as I thought, but its been amazing. I haven't had time to blog much, but I know it'll slow down eventually and I'll have no excuse!