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Twenty Seventeen.

This year end post and the content is so dear to me. Its a statement of faithfulness and endurance. A reminder when I feel too weak to finish, I'll be given the strength to take another step and carry on. I don't go into a new year hoping for it to be a hard one, but it does have a unique way of shaping and molding in a way the easier seasons just don't. I want to remember and feel this until it truly informs 2018 and how I prepare for it.

I'm still processing this past year and its impact on me and will be for a while. The cross current beneath all of 2017 (and half of 2016!) has been a house remodel (post coming, soon). I cannot separate my photography work from the remodel, because I was so involved in much of it. It was my second job and seemed full time most of the time. I truly believe I had the perfect amount of photography work, however (and an amazingly helpful, forgiving, understanding and patient wife). These facts enabled me to juggle everything else on my plate this past year, but I never want to try it again. 

What a year.

I totally neglected the photography business and feel as though it took a step back after a very inspiring 2016. Momentum seems to have reversed for the first time in 6 years. Now, I'm left dusting myself off (literally and figuratively), picking up the pieces and getting this thing back on the right track. I'm so excited about this, though. 

More time to focus. To invest. Less housework.

Thankfully, I am very proud of the work I delivered to my amazing clients and friends this past year. Even though I felt at the end of myself on a weekly basis, inspiration, energy and motivation always came when needed. I cannot thank God enough for that. There have been so many moments of profound joy this past year and God continues to humble me. I don't deserve such amazing grace. You people. This job. All the moments I witnessed with a camera in hand.  

Thank you.

Here's to turning a page and starting afresh. But, always remembering the sweetness amidst tough and trial filled years. One wedding, one session, one destination and photo at a time. 

I Hope you enjoy this look back. The past two years have been filled with more film photography than ever and I'm finally feeling "comfortable" with the challenge/reward of it. I Hope you and yours start the new year off right and it's one of the best, yet.

Lets create something amazing together.


Peace out to my assistant for the past two seasons. Josiah, you'll be missed but I'm beyond excited for whats next for yah. Thanks so much for all the help, bro. 

Columbia Yacht Club Wedding Chicago Wedding-37.jpg

Something different. Behind the scenes for Tara LaTour

I usually don't get photos of me working, but after a recent shoot for Tara LaTour, one of her assistants texted me these sweet bts pics and I'm so thankful! Thought I'd show you a side by side of me shooting and the resulting images. One thought I had while looking through these (more bts images to come!)...There's nothing magical about whats going on, necessarily. It's more about how the photographer is seeing light, shape & form and how to capture that. Our eyes are amazingly complex, but film doesn't behave the same way. Thinking the way your film or camera thinks and how they will react to the light is more the excitement and challenge. Thanks for sticking with me all these years. 2016 has proven to be as crazy as I thought, but its been amazing. I haven't had time to blog much, but I know it'll slow down eventually and I'll have no excuse! 

Tara LaTour Fashion Show / L'atelier Couture Bridal Boutique / Minneapolis, MN

Recently, I had a great opportunity to photograph a local bridal fashion show for Rivets and Roses (a local wedding photography studio I work for). About a month before the show I met with Tara and listened to her explain the vision behind this collection of dresses and what she desired for photography coverage of the event. Its always a great meeting when certain words or phrases are used in relation to photography…

"behind the scenes"



"whatever you want"

"I trust you"


…and when there's a good fit and everyones on board, collaborating can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there. There were SO many people involved with this event.  I've included a list of vendors at the end of this blog post and I encourage you to check everyone out. Well, here are some of the moments I saw. If you didn't go, you missed out on a great show! Thanks for the support everyone. Livin the dream.

Now that you've seen the photos, check out this amazing film made by my good friend Chris Martin of Sky Focus Films. And tons of others made this event so special...

-Johnny and Dottie / MSP Magazine / Haus Salon / Ashley Fox Designs / On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals / Paperista / Rivets and Roses / Essie Nail Polish / Bent Paddle Beer / Patisserie 46 / Erin Johnson Photography / White Peacock Styled Events / Flower Event Group / Marcus D / Gateaux Inc / Velvet Raptor / L'atelier Couture Bridal Boutique / Tara LaTour