Chris + Elaine / Kent, OH

On my way back from Philly last month, I stopped by Chris and Elaine's new place. They had just moved from the heart of New York City and flipped the coin on a new life in rural Ohio. Chris took a teaching position at Kent University and Elaine got a dog and a drivers license. Literally. These two are amazing. Chris is an out of this world illustrator. You can check out his work, here. Elaine grew up all over the world and is freakin smart. I just wanted to sit and listen and hope her experiences and brain rubbed off on me.  I've probably only spent a few hours of my entire life with these two, but I feel close. Some people are just like that. 00a0b1233a45677a89101111a1213


I decided to shoot all film for this session. I'm still learning tons when it comes to what I like about film and how and when to use it. When I showed up at Chris + Elaine's place it was getting kinda dark, so that changed my plans a little, but I loved the results. Developed and scanned locally at FastFoto. Here's the tech info...

Nikon F100 / Mamiya 645 Pro TL / Mamiya RZ67 + polaroid back / Kodak TriX400, Fuji 100c instant film / 50 1.4G / 55 2.8 / 90 3.5