Baby bump, yummy light, a trip and fall & the sounds of rushing water / Kalscheuer Family Portraits

Remember Jon + Senate's gorgeous Mill City Museum wedding last summer? Well, this family session was equally as gorgeous and after rescheduling because of weather, we were given an absolutely perfect Minnesota summer evening. This was another all film session (Jon's jaw kinda dropped when I mentioned I was using film that night and I may have had to reassure him film still "works"). Some thoughts on documentary portrait sessions...I think a lot of families don't want the hassle of scheduling family photos because…well, they have a family and families are often amazing, but equally challenging and crazy. The thought of spending a bunch of money and risking everything not going "perfect" just seems too stressful. Are we worried that our crazy, wild, imperfect family life isn't good enough? for a photographer? To show on Facebook? I'm as guilty of it as anyone. We had family photos taken for the first time a month ago! I want to encourage anyone who is on the fence about setting up a session with me or any other photographer to just relax and take a deep breath. For those with little kids…there will be meltdowns. Its O.K. For those with young kids, they may trip and fall. They might cry. It's O.K. Older kids may hate the idea at first. It's O.K. They will eventually come out of their shell. In the end, you will have a collection of photographs documenting what your life truly is in this season. Life is never perfect. Your photos may not look perfect. Did I just say, that? Perfection is not my goal. Being authentic is. Don't hide who you are and you'll help make the best photographs ever. If you are interested in booking a documentary portrait session, please contact me soon. This year is filling up quickly! Thanks for the support everyone!  -R 11a234567899a9b9c9dXڃÿÕÎP„ F›a“KnAßÝ�äp%o¨Ø|7}sš†^©È Æ ?tÈ(	¤©ëH͊Í7Rs^3ÝړQl±¤NyQ¢&Šz75ðn´¸Ø‘ê,‚↢¦ƒ,*|Înì.‚Ä.¤wJô£æ¦~êú ¦#É»™¯ A€øyÔõsÍ4ó±ä·Ä’'ûŸ1!KøyÔ:„ýTø[Si2Eþd–ps{Gb|®¹6AÙ 1†‹4û ÌuÖ¥6™3È 5¤ÝÆ}SZk5Jº²nó·è8AŽ˜î”ڃÛP&ÄslZbçۃú3 â~‘âTK¶¾r÷0ü£³Pn´˜)úZ¯C ªumB(šèýæÂÜ5r ÌÝøÙ¯GO¤Kíòy@½¹AòÞ¯-šZ9()6åm@»P!j½¨µ6÷@àÄc&› ÿ׃§„Z&ÜÙ¬Qß@÷Cpq„¬‹l.>È95[ˆªx¿tcÛkݼAd]~P0ŸÕãiº ?I |d‹ä í´šSŸHÄd ¤œTSëbJ ¦-¸ÅݸwÎit*‰)!}eS™#¾ú¼†›ŒoRƒëڎ7QTŠf5Æiö8hÚO–îv7¸ømüß?¨j4?áz}[„š†#¤pt–c]÷ù~¨*ô.¢£Õþ'é5´SIS¥é!ÑÓÍ!Üé¦'Îñ~w|¬ÿ�åՒ¶#Iâm-Ü9AòçÇ]f)µfÓF|¬»õAÂõwÊ}A!€ƒÖ@„ a@ÒÎè˄ksb€ìŒ`‚îAÿЁ§ži蘲íòýdº¾?òoDZ¼‘['¥ÐJÐ9@ïĄl÷@FÊԍ÷"È6"ðʦMùAÞôÙ)XpEè€•ú^™6çÌô€	οô’ƒñY©†‘úUiiżI †ãl|ÄrÍ7¦µfJɌ~4“8ºÎÍ®väŽM†Öÿ�* Í_Ã؛ TWÏOQ.ÈÜÿ�á¦ïÜà>]­ºJô§VQWé¦ ª(™+$Þbpp8·‘­÷Aô7TUÇÓ®”N§­†7¢~sM>¼ ù7®u§ê:Í]KÃžvý4¤¹Äú x@…x(°€dXÙéÍðPÑþ`ñ]eïÿѬӯpƒU§`‚òÝ¿D-ßõ2ý[4îúOS¦?“ê‚!§='€þÀ VÃ'¢2' ŸIE$Ž:Ih/Üאƒ¯ègðñ4ZT9’‹˜d Îêý2ÍJ ·O#4vë3Ûêƒ9¡éº†¢Qþ&&»T™Ïò´nØÇ~g1ëµ5]všé)é©£uL³KB	O‡òÝñÈZûñçb…= d]SO¥jԎ¨Š[ßÅ2:=­µÜ6HÑÜeÌz wÄ:á}4$ÎŽ1¢…y{‹,ÜO”~ ù—U¨.yõ'(*O(¬,ƒÖ@×5ãÈ@ÙY› HÎׂÆ�ߪ2>È5!¥ÝZšœøh?KåÿÒ®  Õi XP_@0;wA#nfºªÆýrØêÇݲŽ3Úè	ü=§† ñÒÏò A¦Œ ¼Ñôѽ·ª ÇQlÛ² ª,g”ñû ,:qô=ÂywƒŸ1î‚¥ d>èÜÑ8v÷‹‡å'µÐ;ñÔf-³4¶9le€ò׏t»Ö™ú]e«¤¿àw–—´XØýÿÓã‘ÉæA}¤Ö–	 ==@{3œ °¢ ™ú~­ H6ÚäRtþ¢+ô¨çkŽâÛ:Ø?ÿÔãùYÑ|ÍA¨Ó¾P‚þ•­¤“”M/€ƒAOÀAY†"HÊ-KZÙÝalÿ�t ; +� ÝÃEídsF1Ê�J10b10c11121314Kalscheuer Family 7.2014 074


Gear : Mamiya 645 Pro TL w/ 80 1.9 // Nikon F100 w/ 50 1.4D // Mamiya RZ67 w/ 110 2.8 // Kodak Portra 400 + Kodak Tri-X 400