Josiah was visiting Minneapolis briefly while his parents sold their old home. On the last day of his trip we decided to go adventuring. The only time that really worked was sunrise. I picked him up at 5:30 a.m. and we found a great spot to walk around and talk photography and life. This was a sweet time for me. Josiah is in High School and is getting very passionate about photography. I remember being his age and taking my first HS film photography class. For me, the itch to become more serious with photography didn't start until I was older. Much older. But, Josiah on the other hand, has dove in head first. I'm really excited to see where this all goes for him. Its funny when you cross paths with people you know will quickly become amazing at what they do. You can view some of Josiah's work here. Here's some of what I saw and the portraits I made with Josiah. All images were captured on film and specifics are listed at the end of this post. Thanks for the support everyone! If you'd like to book an adventure portrait session with me please contact me and lets set up a time and place. Its simple. We walk around, chat and hang out, maybe grab coffee…and make some great portraits together. 33a3b455a5aa5aaa5aaaa5aaaaa66a6aa7891010a11121316a171818a18aa18b2121a21b22232424a2526  

Mamiya RZ67 w/ 110 2.8, Nikon F100 w/ 50 1.4D, Polaroid 180, SX-70 // Ektar 100, Portra 400, Tri-X 400, Impossible Project //  black + white film developed + scanned at home. color film developed + scanned locally at FastFoto in Edina, MN